I'm Jennifer, 22 and I hate to be called or seen as "little". I feel anything but that, and my personality and heart exceeds my BMI.

I appreciate nature, gardening, westerns, music, tattoos, animals, movies, art and dogs. RIP Milo 08/30/13


My 13 year old cat Gus-Gus (above) has considered himself a dog since the day we took him home from the pet cemetery we adopted him from, the same exact place both my childhood dog and Milo were cremated at.

When my childhood dog Samson died, Gus was heartbroken for the longest time. Four years later when I was ready, I stumbled upon Milo. The two of them have been best buds after his puppy days of learning not to chase Gussy were over. 

It’s hard to witness this almost everyday. I don’t ever remember seeing Gus this way, even when Sam passed away. Lately he will just sit and stare at the empty space Milo used to lay in, or comes in my room hoping that he’s been hiding in here all along and somehow snuck past him. He’ll come in, look around, then stares at me until I say, “Sorry bud, Milo’s not here, and he’s not coming back. I miss him so much too.” Then he just rubs himself on me, and turns around and walks away.

My heart hurts so bad…. 

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