I'm Jennifer, 22 and I hate to be called or seen as "little". I feel anything but that, and my personality and heart exceeds my BMI.

I appreciate nature, gardening, westerns, music, tattoos, animals, movies, art and dogs. RIP Milo 08/30/13


It’s been forever

I’m sorry followers! I haven’t been on in awhile. I’m now a hard working office girl, racing against time with faxes, client information and organizing A LOT of paper work.

But I love my new job. My coworkers are all sweet. Some are quirky just like me, but for the most part, everyone is really nice. I work full time, making good money and I can listen to music as long as my work gets done. OH and decorating my cubicle with aliens, nature, and pictures of Milo. 

So in case you were worried, behold, I am alive! Just a slave to the system now from 9 to 5.






Dedicated to all my fellow retail employees

always try to be extra nice and considerate to retail employees because the jobs suck, the customers often suck more, and their bosses want them to act like this shit is their life passion

I can’t tell you how many Orange County residents roll into my store with their diamonds and complain about getting 15% off instead of 20%

This…. oh my god this.

The receipt one! I cannot stand it when customers put the money and or change on the belt or anywhere that isn’t in the fucking palm of your hand because they are too much of an asshole to hand it to you! So I do the same shit back.

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